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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great stuff out there!

I just checked out one of my fan's blog, and really got inspired!  It always amazes me how many good artists are out there, and we're all working together, supporting each other, inspiring each other,... all in the name of good art.  You get a lot of insight to a person's character by their art and their words.  I feel a connection to Robin through the similarities I see in her work, and by her methods.  We both take lots of pictures, (from the car),  and love painting horses!  I just wish I could paint more en plein air, but alas, we have winter.

I've been redoing a few old pieces lately that I wasn't completey happy with.  I'll post the before and after pictures later, when I think the 'after' is up to what I'm after.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

so many ideas, so little time!

I've been busy painting, and traveling, and watching the Olympics!  We had booked the cruise so it wouldn't interfere with the games.  We had a wonderful time in the west Carribean, got some sun, took a ton of pictures, zip-lined, snorkeled, saw some Mayan ruins, got some more sun....and the food!   I have some very nice tropical pictures that I could use as reference material, but almost find it too cliche to use.  Not too many people want tropical themes unless they can actually relate to it personally, I would think.  I'll probably do a couple, just for the sake of variety, which I like.  Nothing worse than an artist who only sticks to one theme - they end up all looking alike, boring.
The garden is starting to call, and I realize I better get painting before I really do need to get outside.  This year the pressure is on because my garden is on the Garden Tour in June.   Pressure!
Before that however, I'm on a trip of my dreams... of inspiration... to see Amsterdam, and Paris again, plus a little detour to explore Normandy.  I know there will be tons of subject matter from that, so I better get busy on my current ideas.