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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Post Show Blues

Now I know what they're talking about!  I've heard the term often, and thought, how can you feel blue when you've got a show on?!!  My show's not even over yet, and it's starting.  It's all the stuff that goes through an artist's head....

- relief after all that work is done, but then the "what next?" question.
- wondering if anyone will go to the show!
- wondering how it's being received, will there be any sales?
- contemplating any future shows... how to improve from this one?
- and the almighty question... what to paint next?! 

I have lots of ideas, but can't seem to decide where to start next.  I need an image to 'grab' me!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

working on a mac now

I've had a few computer issues lately! My old laptop was 8 yrs old... time to retire!   Luckily my show is up and open till Sept 11 (easy date to remember!) so I'm not too stressed.  I've decided to try a mac, since my son is a mac fan, and I trust his opinion!  plus he can help me if I have questions.  There are some issues that I've had to work out, and another is that the website program is not compatible with mac, yet.  A new program will come out in 2 weeks, then I'll be able to update my site on my new computer.  Not much will happen in the next 2 weeks... I'm taking a break.  Getting that show up was a lot of work!
I feel the need to paint coming on again though!  The nice thing is that I don't have anything else scheduled, so I'm open to new plans again.  I'm one who does need a goal though, something to work towards.  This weekend I'll be meeting some new contacts, and who knows, there could be more shows in the future before I know it!