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Monday, December 28, 2009

Back to normal!

It was a good Christmas.  I thought of all my pieces that were given as gifts this year:  there were some pet portraits, a home portrait, 2 more doors,  some horse paintings, and my cello player.  I hope all the recipients were surprised and thrilled with their pieces!  I've heard from a few, and they were really happy.

I've started up a Facebook page with ALL my work, divided into separate albums:
Landscapes, Pets/ Animals,  Sold, Artist's Collection, & Other Beautiful Things.

Once things got back to normal, I got back to painting.  My latest are a couple of pieces of wolves - they are so misunderstood.  I love them.   And I did a larger piece of my back woods, with light shining through the trees and casting a neat pattern of shadows. 

I've been reading a lot of Robert Genn - got his book, a great read -  getting inspiration on various aspects of the creative process.  One suggestion he had was to just start painting when you have a block on what to do next, not to think about what your subject is - that it will just happen.  I think I'll try it -  but I need to know if it's a landscape, a pet portrait, horses etc...  This could be interesting!

Monday, December 21, 2009

now on Facebook

I've found a venue where all my art is available to see - Facebook.  I've titled the page  "Fine Art by Anda", and made up several different albums, orgainizing my work into groups, so it's easier to see what interests you.  (Landscapes, Pets/ Wildlife, Other Beautiful Subjects, Artist's Collection, and Sold )  The first 3 categories show all pieces that are still available, and with the mouse over the picture, you'll see the title, size and price. 
There's also a discussion box where I've asked you a couple of questions that I'm curious about.  Check it out and give me your opinions!

Monday, December 14, 2009

feeling better

Now that I have that out of the way, back to business! 
I'm working on a second piece for a client that is coming along much better.  I wasn't really happy with the first one, and I won't pass on a piece unless it's worth it.  It's just the way I am - I appreciate a client who tells me honestly if there's something not quite right about a piece.  It's a kind of pet portrait, without getting into details, and the confirmation  needs to be just right.

Can't change it :(

How dumb!! I accidentally clicked on follower when I was updating my blog, so now I'm following myself.  There's no way to delete it either.   How pathetic!

busy, busy

A lot has happened since I last posted, so I'll try to blog more from now on.  I've been busy getting paintings ready for Christmas, for myself and other people.  There's been a little time to paint just for myself too, creatively speaking:  to change subjects for a while, work on a little self-evaluation. 
I've also been on Facebook, getting caught up with a long-lost nephew, and some old friends.  It is so  great to be able to do so.  
Christmas will be so exciting for some people - I enjoy thinking about all my paintings that will be unwrapped.  It sure is better to give than to receive.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's all about the passion

In talking to a budding student of mine today, I hope I got a clear message to her that good art comes from a passion for either the act of producing the art, or from the subject which is being painted.  You're really happy when both happen together.  I find that there is an inner drive or feeling ( instinct?) that happens to me, and I just have to paint.  Often it's the subject that gets me motivated first - that I want to create an image that will preserve the something special or unique for eternity.   This is what's happening lately, on the subject of heavy horses -  I just have to capture their elegance, strength and beauty.  Sometimes though, I just have to paint, and end up looking through my vast album of pictures for a subject that fits the mood. 
Whatever the motivation, being creative shouldn't be a chore, and can't be scheduled or forced.  Too many demands take the joy out of it, and the magic.    You need to recognize when the passion to create is there, and grab it that moment.   

"Live like you mean it."

Saturday, October 17, 2009

On a roll

What a busy time of year.  I did really well at the Fair, and then there are still more shows coming that I'll be part of.  I enjoy having goals, long range plans... it gives something to work towards.  It'll be a long cold winter, and I know I'll have some great pieces in the new year.  In the past weeks, even during good weather, I've been painting most of the time.  The garden is pretty dormant now, so it doesn't matter.  I'm just not getting much exercise!  I'd say that I'm painting easily 10 hours a day.  It's nice that Pete's working on his birds again too, so the 2 of us are working together.  Check out my site for the latest.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've just finished 2 pictures of a student, playing a cello.  Way back in university, I did the best of all my work of a cello player, using a model.  Unfortunately that piece was burned in a fire, and I've always wanted to replace it.  It was also a challenge to see if I still "had it".  In the first piece then, the face didn't matter, and did not need to look like the model.  Here, however, knowing the subject, it was important to get the face with more accuracy.  I met the challenge in the paintings, but the faces were more difficult than I thought they'd be.  They took as long as all the rest of the composition.  Working from a photo is usually easy, but when seeking a likeness of a person, especially one you know, everything matters - colour shade and tone, brush direction, position, angles, etc.  It's close, but as  a perfectionist, I'd prefer it to be closer.  People say that pets and people are the hardest to paint.  I have no problem with animals, you'd think that would just transfer to the task of people.  An ongoing challenge.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

everything's an experiment

well, the 'working on more than one piece at a time' thing wasn't that successful.  I did start 4, but still ended up working on each until it was finished, exclusive to the others.  Only one piece was a 'use-up-the-rest-of the paint' piece, and that worked ok.  I found it harder to keep track of them all in my portfolio, logging each on, taking its picture etc, and ended up forgetting one piece!
I'm really busy it seems with places to put my work.  Dolmor will be done soon, then the Library wants some in the future, there's an open house next Friday at the workshop on Pond St., and I'm thinking ahead to Nov/Dec for the "Deck the Halls" show in Waterford Town Hall.  And some for Reg's store for Pumpkinfest too.   I never thought I'd feel so spread out - it's great!  What every artist wants.
I'm so excited about doing Corrie's picture of her playing her cello.  I love the cello.  In university I did my best piece ever, of a cello player, from a model,  but it got burnt in a house fire..... stupid delinquents.  I hope to replace it with one just as good this time,  35 years later.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting started

That's what it's all about.  I have so many ideas in my head that I want to paint, it's hard to know which direction to go.  So I've started 4 different paintings, so I can pick the one that suits my mood, or the one that can use up extra paint so it doesn't go to waste.  Today I've worked on 3 of them. 
I've tried to copy a picture of the latest finished piece, but it comes up sideways, and I haven't figured out how to rotate it yet.  I'll keep working at it, or else you'll need to tip your head to view them!