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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Relief in the sharing of ideas

I subscribe to Robert Genn's letters, and find them very enlightening and reassuring.  The latest letter was all about style and subject exploration.  I always felt I was a little different in that I did so many different subjects, and that each piece was unique from all the others.  It seems I'm not alone!  There are many out there, like me, who do what they do because they do it for themselves.  I realized, after reading many letters reacting to Robert's, that it is a good thing to not be boring just to satisfy a market.  I see now that in my quest to keep my life interesting, I'm also keeping any viewers interested too!  You never know what you'll see next! 
Some artists are easily recognized for their subject (eg.Trish Romance or Robert Bateman), which is 'nice', but after a while I'm sure a collector of their work will be bored too, and seek some variety.  It's nice to be recognized, sure.  But with so many artists out there, it's not likely.  So I 'work' for me.
'Work' is the wrong word.... it's my favourtie thing to do for enjoyment, (other than gardening) and I'm very lucky that I don't rely on my art for income!  
So now I shall continue, in the way I have been, knowing I'm OK, and not as unique in my dilemas after all!

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