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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Now that I have so many pieces listed (I just finished #200) I'm getting into quite a complicated web of "what price to put on this one?".  So after researching many artists' sites and policies, I've decided to adapt a common practise of pricing by size.  It seems the easiest, and fairest to buyers... not necessarily to artists.  It seems that many times I spend more time on the little detailed pieces than the larger ones, but after doing so many, I'm not as attached to those that took so long, and see how a buyer would find these prices more fair, when compared to the others.
When making such a change, I had to keep in mind what previous pieces have sold for.  It was important that those works at least maintain their value!  So in the final analysis, previous buyers will be happy, and future buyers will be able to see a clearer relationship between pieces and their value.
It's a dilemma... the worst part of making art... I'm not in it for the money, but need to do something with all the paintings I've collected!  You can't make yourself look too cheap, nor can you make the prices beyond reach of those who you think would love to have your work.  Maybe I've found a comfort zone now...??

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Artistic Endeavors said...

Thanks for the insights on pricing. I haven't marketed my paintings and really need to. Not only would it be satisfying, but I could use the money and the space!