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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recent Projects

                                            Waiting patiently with a handler. The tenderness of their connection really caught my attention.

Same Percheron as above, from the same day.

A Percheron whose picture I took at the local fall fair.

Still a work in progress!

a commission

a commission

a commission

"Learning the Ropes". 

"Bows 'n Bums" I was very lucky to be able to  climb up to the driver's seat to get this view!       

This piece was donated to the Ontario Percheron annual fund-raising banquet.

 It has been too long!  I've had good intentions to keep up to date with posting here, but over the holidays and up till now, there have been too many excuses not to!  No longer!  One of the excuses was that I was too busy painting, and I have accomplished these pieces.  To see all that I've been up to, check out "Fine Art by Anda" on Facebook.

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