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Saturday, September 26, 2009

everything's an experiment

well, the 'working on more than one piece at a time' thing wasn't that successful.  I did start 4, but still ended up working on each until it was finished, exclusive to the others.  Only one piece was a 'use-up-the-rest-of the paint' piece, and that worked ok.  I found it harder to keep track of them all in my portfolio, logging each on, taking its picture etc, and ended up forgetting one piece!
I'm really busy it seems with places to put my work.  Dolmor will be done soon, then the Library wants some in the future, there's an open house next Friday at the workshop on Pond St., and I'm thinking ahead to Nov/Dec for the "Deck the Halls" show in Waterford Town Hall.  And some for Reg's store for Pumpkinfest too.   I never thought I'd feel so spread out - it's great!  What every artist wants.
I'm so excited about doing Corrie's picture of her playing her cello.  I love the cello.  In university I did my best piece ever, of a cello player, from a model,  but it got burnt in a house fire..... stupid delinquents.  I hope to replace it with one just as good this time,  35 years later.

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