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Thursday, October 1, 2009


I've just finished 2 pictures of a student, playing a cello.  Way back in university, I did the best of all my work of a cello player, using a model.  Unfortunately that piece was burned in a fire, and I've always wanted to replace it.  It was also a challenge to see if I still "had it".  In the first piece then, the face didn't matter, and did not need to look like the model.  Here, however, knowing the subject, it was important to get the face with more accuracy.  I met the challenge in the paintings, but the faces were more difficult than I thought they'd be.  They took as long as all the rest of the composition.  Working from a photo is usually easy, but when seeking a likeness of a person, especially one you know, everything matters - colour shade and tone, brush direction, position, angles, etc.  It's close, but as  a perfectionist, I'd prefer it to be closer.  People say that pets and people are the hardest to paint.  I have no problem with animals, you'd think that would just transfer to the task of people.  An ongoing challenge.

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