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Saturday, October 23, 2010

the marathon continues!

I'm in the middle of a few pieces at the moment, as they rotate around me, touching up here and there as I see fit.  There are actually 4 on the go, and a 5th to be started soon, all commissions for Christmas.  I love doing commissions... it helps me see things with a different, more critical eye.  It also forces me to keep working till I'm 110% satisfied, because I don't like to send off a piece unless it meets all expectations.  And I like the fact that I'm not rushed for time, yet! 
While working on these pieces, I'm getting lots of practise on horse anatomy etc, and find it's getting easier, and better.  This is good, because a future idea that I have for a 'masterpiece' will require this skill!
This one still needs some work, but you get the idea.  I'll show all 3 pieces (same 4 abreast team, shown 3 different ways) when I think they're 'done'.

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