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Friday, October 1, 2010

wish me luck!

Well, I just took in my "Prep for the Lesson" to a juried art show.  I'm pretty certain it will be accepted, but I want to get to the next level and get a prize or recognition, something!!  When I took it in, there were a lot of huge pieces submitted... I hope size doesn't matter!  Good things come in small packages, right!?  Skill is one of the 4 categories for evaluation.  There were some pieces that were quite bad, sorry to say, but quite a variety of skill too.  I'm looking forward to seeing it all set up...I'll find out tomorrow!

On another note, I just finished my first piece of a Canadian Cowgirl.  Quite happy with it, but may make a few subtle changes, touch ups.  I like the splash of red that spices up the usual horsey colour palette, and am now planning one of the group in action.

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