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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Long term project

I've been quite busy doing commissions in the past 2 months, and now that they're done, I can go back to ideas of my own.  I do enjoy commissions, don't get me wrong, they're a nice break, and it's nice to have a specific goal and purpose in mind.  But now I can go back to all the great visions I picked up at the Fair and the Plowing Match!
Usually my pieces don't take that long... I don't rush, I'm just a fast painter, and spend a lot of time doing it.  I would like to do a piece that will take me a longer time to finish, one that is more difficult, ambitious, intricate, and eye-catching.  I've been mulling over this concept/idea/subject  for a while, and have started it.  Finding the right size canvas - done.  Initial layout - done.  Base-coat with background and positioning of the subjects - done.

The scene is from our local Fair, as the 12 teams of 6 horse hitches line up for judging.  An amazing scene to witness, an amazing collection of horses, dressed to the 9's!  You can see the whole piece in the first picture,  1' x 4', and in the close up is the first team on the right.   One horse, one team at a time.  We'll see how long this one takes!

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THOMAS ALLEN PAULY www.horseartist.com said...

Very nice work. I love your compositions.